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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hogmanay in a haunted Castle.

So...all hell broke loose, what more can I say, I have just had two weeks of constant parties and
laughs with friends from home and uni. Christmas was all a lil bitty funny to be fair, it was the first Christmas without my Bro and there I was, playing Cranium with my family and family friends with no wingman.

Boxing day was as traditional as ever. All the girls (minus a key few) got together for my best friends birthday, and our annual catchup! The whole place was brought alive by Pete Mc, his Christmas woolie, crazy V-dub belt and panchant for small bottles of red wine??!!

K, so..........the annual bash at the Bagby broke up Christmas and New Year, Nats pushed the boat out with an amazing meal for 14, loads of amazing home caught nosh and fine wine. We finished the night in the 'entertainment room'. It was hilarious, karaoke here we come!!

New Year was a last minute, there were a few options and as usual a danger of having a flat New Year, thankfully, I have never ended up in a dross pub and tend to always land on my feet and this year was no exception.
We drove for four hours north of Inverness on the North East coast of Scotland to a rather exquisite Castle. Perched on a wee juting of land the Castle looked right down the valley. The Castle was built for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland way back when (1906-1917) and was used during the war by the King and Queen of Norway as a safe refuge when the Nazis attacked Norway in the second world war.The building was awesome, I think there was around 120 of us for New Year, we all convened on New Years eve, we ate before we got there at a lush wee nosh hooose in Aviemore and then drove up to the Castle, choons blasting and singing for Scotland!! We were welcomed by the most amazing raging log fires and a maze of wicked paintings, marble statues and kilted men!!
After a power nap and a catchup, everyone got dressed up and headed to the ball room and adjourning rooms for a pre Ceilidh catch up drinking session! It was ace to see the Aberdeen crew again, all on form and dressed to impress. We danced until the bells, raised our glasses, spread the love and partied on until the small hours.
We woke early on New Years Day, piled into our friends car and headed even further up north to Thurso for a cheeky surf. The guys surfed Thurso East which was working like a beast, double over head and raging as only Thurso East can! Nugget had a bad twist to his ankle and bust his MCL which sucked, not the best way to start the day at all!! After the guys got changed and warmed up, we headed back to the Castle for an banquet and prepared for round two of dancing and letting loose!