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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fort Bill, The Angel and Mrs Thomas.

Guest Book insert;

'Mrs Thomas, you may not remember me, but my name is Motty Mott Mott. I live in Flagstaff AZ, ride MX, fix bikes and sing about freedom. I stayed in your log cabin for 5 nights, you washed my friends clothes, hung em out to dry and brought em back all neatly folded. I hung my washing out and left it for 5 nights too, but Mrs Thomas, you never folded my clothes or washed them. On the 5th night, I shed a tear, brought them in, folded them myself and now I ready to go back to the USA. Mrs Thomas, I have one question for you.....What would you do if you had to fold my clothes for Freedom?. Thanks again for having us, your place was swell. Motty Mott Mott.'
K, so in our rush, we forgot the guest book entry, but I am sure if Motty had the chance, that's what he'd have written!! We totally landed on our feet with accom at the Bill this year, a last minute booking, 4* digs with leather sofa's...I know, I know, I can feel you rubbing your thighs in delight!!

So, this week, it was Barbados and the USA, Buhl, Motty, Steve and Dave. The most amazing bunch of DH boys I have ever roomed with, they showered us with culinary delights and mechanical comfort all week long (a.k.a Dave fixed my puncture!). It was a quiet week for us, but boy did the riding benifit!

I have to say tho, I didn't ride on form just because of the good grub and early nights.....it was more to do with the arrival of the Angel! Mr B from TREK carried yet another steed across the pond for me, but this time it was a little different ;). The Session 88, A.K.A. 'Angel' went down a storm on course, she pedalled a dream, cornered like a waltzer in full spin and jumped like a frog from the pond. I was in my element all week. I haven't felt at one with a bike like that for yonks, that sounds like a pile of cods-wollup, but it's true! The press were lovin it too. It's was the first in the country and it's seriously going to be a BIG deal next season. I rode it as stock, no Ti spring, stock wheels and FOX forks and with all of that, after a weigh in on the TOMAC scales, it came to a mere 39lbs. In the US the guys have fitted some lighter parts and got it down to 32lbs. The lightness and the plush linkage on the rear end which does the same as a floating brake will separate the bike from it's counterparts and lead the way for light, responsive bikes off the shelf in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for more info, reports and product feedback.....and if you want more specifics, check out the TREK site. I spent Friday afternoon in a photo shoot with Geoff Waugh. I have used some of his pics here and on the side of the main page. We were out on the trails for a couple of hours and got some great shots. It was so much fun, Geoff is great pro photographer as you can see. Check out his site http://www.waughphotos.com/

The track was the usual Fort Bill gnar, but the additional changes this year made it flow beautifully, the course builders were on top of most of the diving braking bumps, although it was still horrendously rough, hard on bike and body it seemed easier to ride. They removed the crappy left hand rock corner onto the motorway and replaced it with a smooth kicker, so you could carry your speed right through. The wood section was sweet too, no changes there, but the dryness helped for sure. B.T.W The photo below was sent to me from www. phunkt.com

K, so quali was great on Sunday, I qualified 18th and was over the moon until I realised that a few of the faster burds got red flagged. After they had their second run, their times pushed me out of the final and I finished 22nd. Gutted by that, but not too dismayed as I know, finally after three bad races that I am back up to my speed, and the monkey that has been weighing me down is now firmly off my back!!

So, round up without the babble. Buhl got on 2 podiums GO GAL! Fi popped some ribs OUCH! The after party was a total FLOP. Almost the entire Syndicate squad got on the podium which was great to see, it was also ace to see Nathan back on form, about time too! Freedom turns were UNREAL. J.D has the most BIZARRE wardrobe!! Brian from the CYCLEJERSEY is a total leg-end and has made us the coolest custom fitted jerseys EVER! Dan A.K.A Blabbermouth, my team manager is officially the rad-est MC to date. Everyone should embrace the elbow dance.

For results, as usual, you can check the UCI site http://www.uci.ch/.

Beers in. X

TATA's to the Sun!

Inbetween Andorra and Fort Bill us girlies decided to take some time out and bask like seals on a nude beach in Barcelona laying TaTa's to the sun! Things kinda went to plan with some adjustments and additions.......Motley (Motty Mott Mott) Buhls mechanic, and good friend of ours joined us which was great, but we didn't quite make it to the nude beach...never the less, we found a window for nudity!!

We got into Barcelona early in the afternoon after the most scenifc drive burdened by stink hangovers. Barcelona was a heaven of moped riders winding their way in and out, one BURK smashed into our wing mirror, which was pretty stupid!! The sun was SCORCHIO!! We stayed for a few days at Gina G and Wee Cathrines place just outside of Barcelona a hop, skip and rollie pollie from the beach and the waters edge.

We walked through the door and were slapped in the face by the aroma of Dim sum, thai red curry and home made choco brownies. Bearing in mind that since the marathon, I have been eating enough to feed a modest african family pretty much every meal, one would think that stuffing my face with posh nosh, once again would be a little extravagant, when in Rome!!
When it comes to food, it's always best to air on the side of caution and stuff up, as you never know where your gonna get your next meal from right? I'm never on the slow boat to china as far as food is concerned. That night we dined like Kings and Queens.
After dinner, we took the kite down to the beach and tried to fly it. I blatenly wasn't thinking as there was NO wind!! So, that wore thin after about a dozen attempts chucking the kite in the air and waiting as if it was magically gonna take flight!! Nev and Buhl sat there patiently, egging us on. The next morning, I attempted to fly the kite again solo at the crack of dawn, in the absense of the essential ingredient WIND. You'd think I would learn?! After being amused by some crazy EuRo beach antics and etire, a wee swim and a beautiful lunch and then packed up and hit the airoport. I bumped into an old friend of mine from Aberdeen in the airport which was a lovely suprise!
Love, peace and chicken grease.
Jme XX

Thursday, June 12, 2008


K, so of late, I've been kicking back and watching some Peter Kay and talking to my friend about the politial incorrectness and hilarity of comedians such as our one and only Billy Connolly. Then I got to thinking about my blog, I read a few of the last posts and realised that something is up with me. I'm getting boring and being serious!! Well, I guess some people like that, the 'this one time at band camp, I did this and this and this....Seriously tho, it's numb. It aint what this blog is about......so, here goes, a naked view of the races! Andorra, home to the luxury of tax free status. We rocked in on Wednesday after a manic drive over hill and dale with Top Fuel (Melissa Buhl) and her hilarious aunt and Top Gun instructor Gina G. Gina is a kick ass bitch let me tell ya, she is not only airoplane captain, but she also instructs pilots. The only thing bad about her is she did bring Tom Cruise along for the ride, there were no great balls of fire for me!! Probs a good thing as my Tom Cruise was waiting in the wings!! X I was in my element on track after a few 'bedding in' runs. It was like Innerleithen, tight, rooty and wet. Just how I like it...loads of threading the needle required and some rutted riding top to toe. We let er eat big style and rode the snake like we've never ridden it before. Caecelia was bitching up there, there was some really flowey corners and unsuspecting fly offs which we rode off joyously, like a nun in a cucumber field. It sure wasn't our first rhodeo!! So, yet again, if pracci was my race, I'd have flown through the quali. I've never had as much great feedback in a LONG while!! So many of the riders came upto me a complimented my riding which was a MAAAAAHHHOOOSIVE boost......but I got all nervous and about 5 corners from the bottom and thought to myself...'GO JIM, GO.....(and then the terminal thought hit) DON'T CRASH MOFO'. You can guess what happened next, thats right, the sea earchin rose up from behind the bush, blew a kiss and knocked me into the bears arms. I shouted for peace, guzzled a Sunday roast (leaving the yorkshire for last...obviously) and then went into battle. By the time I turned by back on the then wounded bear, mounted my chariot and crossed the finishline, the battle with the clock was lost. I finished 31st and hung my head in dismay, once again, shed a breif tear and admitted defeat. The monkey returned to it's roosting place, on my back. SUGAR PLUMS.

Aside from all of the above, my head was not on the game and I messed up. So, what else happened over the course of the weekend? Erm, I found out that CG owned half of Andorra. Cedric organised a great party for us in his bar which ws next to his bike shop and down the road from his club!! He was the perfect gent and made sure we were all looked after!! Chris Ball, UCI tech deligate is the new ambassador for the UCI polo shirt, both long and short sleeved! Nice!! My friend Diana Margraff rode her best weekends riding in so long and made me so proud. She has come a long way in the past year and jumped some enormous hurdles to be where she is now and it was a beautiful day for her. She has the coolest hair doo at the mo too, a mullet, buisiness on top, party round the back!!
Neven was my roomie for the week, poor soul, we chatted about everything and nothing until the small hours, she woke up with me fully clothed in the bed next to her on a number of occasions, phone charger cable round my neck and probably dribbling...mmm, nice!! I think I might have a larger than normal phone bill next month. It's all GRAVY?! :)

Onwards and upwards.......Barcelona, here we come. X