Jaymie Mart - BARBADOS NATIONAL DOWNHILL TEAM - one of the most colourful and well loved athletes on the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup tour today.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The BIG count down.

Hi all,

Racing as we know it - world cups/nationals/SDA's etc will not take the usual form in 2010. There are some exciting and BIG happenings on the horizon which will 'pop' in September and will demand a very different focus...... so watch this space!

This weekend saw Round 2 of the Scottish Winter series kick off in the Village - I didn't race, but I did have a house full - sushi was on the menu, so the local bunch piled round for a feed with the weekends resident racer M-Dawg and the guys from FOX came round later. I went along on Sunday to watch the racing. It was strange being an on looker on my home track - but it was comforting to see that the conditions were terrible for riding anyway, ice packed hard, hard ground with little traction. In a weird way, although I love racing and totally missed the buzz this weekend, I was thankful that I was track side. It's always good to see the action, but one thing that I never like to see is people hurting themselves - and they were bailing left, right and centre on Sunday. Respect to everyone who slammed their balls for the cause and bigger respect to those who didn't and kept it upright.

Happy days to come - the sun is in the sky for longer and new signs of life are EVERYWHERE ;) - all we need now is for things to warm up and we can safely kiss goodbye to another winter and a big HELLOOOOOO to summer and everything it will bring with it!

Embrace life - there is something beautiful around every corner, you just have to be looking in the right direction to see it!