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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The drive south....

So there I was, busting a grove south on a mammoth 2 week mission. I hit the road in my lil blue truck which was packed to the gunnel's after two days of serious planning for work and play - fail to prepare, prepare to fail rang through my ears about 100 times these last two days - my motive and inspiration to avoid perching on my sitting bags on the sofa and keeping warm!!

I couldn't believe my eyes on the road south out of Scotland - I take this road heaps - it's really fun to drive and it is the quickest way to England from home. It takes you past St Marys Loch which in the multitude of times I have driven, I have only seen calm and uninterrupted by wind or rain twice - today was the second time.

The air down there was SO fresh and wildlife out in force - pheasants, deer, sheep, buzzards, rabbits, fish and Hamish the Haggis :)........it's absolutely stunning and an amazing gateway to guide me back into Scotland in the opposite direction when I head home!

I couldn't resist pulling over and taking some shots to share with you. For a brief period today - I was the tourist you pass dangling desperately off the edge of the road, grappling and stretching for a shred of foliage to hang onto in order to get in to the right pose to get that sought after memory of calm!! Enjoy the pics - and for the record - I'm a rubbish tourist - I don't even have one of those cords to hang round your neck as a retainer in case you drop your camera, but don't worry - I am working on it!!

How do you build up to a back flip?


I guess some people use trampolines - others go to foam pits - here in Scotland - we use GIANT inflatable air bags!!
Seriously - there is no other way - it's amazing fun - the kicker at first gave me the heeee-bee-geee-beees, but as usual - my old teamie Neil was there and he refused to let me chicken out. I sprinted straight up to it and bam - off the kicker and straigh into the middle of the air bag.
Bring on the summer nights - jumping practice has risen to a whole NEW and exciting level! Thats me in the top shot BTW - with a lot to work on.