Jaymie Mart - BARBADOS NATIONAL DOWNHILL TEAM - one of the most colourful and well loved athletes on the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup tour today.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gunga Galunga.

Home safe!! Back from Belgium with a thud!! Always a sign of a well spent few days, the bigger the thud, the better the time!

The Honda moto X track yesterday rocked! Greg ripped it up! He's not been on his va varmmmm for a while, so it took him a few laps to a good grip on the gas, when he settled into it, he was like a pig in shit! Big smiles all round! I was so impressed! Chances are slim, but if you are a motoX fan, you have a spare afternoon and you are in north Belgium, go check it out. 15 Euros for a session, means you don't have to dig that deep to ride a wicked track!!

Here are a few photos of Brussels life! I fell in love with this bright red bike, again, it is a perfect example of Euro fasion, they go to the lengths of painting their bikes to match the local lamp posts?! Can you believe it! The second was taken in the park opposite the Royal Palace in Brussels. It was such a beautiful day, but the photo looks a bit eerie! The beauty of black n white!

Jme OOT......

Monday, November 27, 2006

In true sesame street style, this post is brought to you today with the letters EXKI and a the number 3! Random as ever, I am sat in a really cool naturally healthy type cafe called EXKI in Brussels, Belgium. I have been kidnapped n swept away on a high tide by my boyfriend Greg! Oh, what a shame!
He is currently in the process of packing up his flat just outside of Belgium and moving back to Scotland (Hooooorah!!) Last week, he got a scarily expensive quote from a cleaning company to clean what is a mere shell of a not so dirty flat. So, the sensible chap that he is, binned the cleaners, grabbed 1 mulit-taskable girlfriend by the scruff of the neck, stuffed her pockets with rubber gloves, cleaning products and a full maids get up and hey presto, girlfriend is transformed into a high class scrubber at muchos cheapness!! As if he'd do that!!
(Here @ jaymiemart.com. We only travel on speed fast ferries. They provide excellent upgrades, soap in select cabins, and wind dependant flying opportunities are available on the top deck (as demonstrated by Greg, in the left photo!)
I've got the best boyfriend in the world! How many guys would roll there sleeves up n get into inventive pack lunch prep (rolling up sushi) and then go blag a luxury room on a ferry.....Not many! For Greg, its all in a days work!!! Yesterday, he and I rode around Bruge on our bikes, it was cool, the best way to check out a city...fast and painless...none of this indecisive shuffling and gormeless gazing at crappy buildings, pretending to be interested in the local history which you really have no clue about since all the info is in Flemish?!! We ripped up the streets and took it all in in less than an hour, leaving plenty of time to sit back and fill our tum tums with yummy nosh.

Today, I have taken it upon myself to potter for the day! I bussed it into Brussels and have been busy doing the tourist thing...yea, you guessed it, gormelessly gazing at buildings I know nothing about because all the info is in French/Flemish/German...Every bleeding language but Englsih!! I've been trying my hand at a bit of arty farty photography, tripping over my feet a few times too many (god I need to learn to walk properly) and absorbing the delights of the wacky winter euro fashion!! I'm just doing some work, applying for 'propa' jobs! YAWN. Gotta fit some work into my play!

I've been to the Cathedral, a few art galleries (which were all closed) so I shimmied up the drain pipes and peeped in to see if I was missing anything, dissappointed by what I saw, I made my way to the Royal Palace, then down La Grand Plaza and had a giggle at Le Maniquine Piss (yes, literally translated, the pissing man)....A.K.A very small water fountain statue of boy peeing!

Tomorrow, we are going to finish off the flat and head over to the Honda MotoX park. I'm gonna be trackside screaming at him all day! Can't wait to watch him rip it up. It'll be such an ace feeling staying clean whice Greg gets all muddy!! There are perks to the off season after all...clean panties!!

Signing out to gather some more euro fashion tips. One can never have too many!


Cleaner extraordinare and general trackside wench (water feeder, photographer and lungs to spur on the best of em!!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Word up Folks.
I'm bloggin' in to spread the family love and welcome a new addition. No, there are sprogobaggins on the scene, not yet, unlucky for me, no sign of new family talent to introduce to the world of fun and bike sport!!! Tonight folks, my bro finally came to his senses and proposed to Miss Liz Barnpot, my soon to be sister in law. They will make the coolest hubby-wife combo ever to set foot on the planet we call earth.

Congratulations to you both. We all at #10 are getting the beers in, BIG TIME! In the morning, I will assess my clothing situation and will drag out and dust off my cowgirl hat and boots in preperagtion for the big day! Hee hee hee.

Welcome to the family Liz.
P.S.....Take closer look at the photo, are you sure you want to marry an man who sits in bins and eats plants whilst trying to immitate Jimmy Saville??!!!
Course you do he is a Mart: Crazy like a coconut! Just for the record, he doesn't always wear that wig, oh no, he has a whole stash of em!! Just call him the FONZ....Smoooth!! XXX

Friday, November 17, 2006

Full face helmets, not only save your bacon, they hide your ridiculous riding face!! A girls best friend!

How now Brown Cow...

Women drivers!! Ah, the turmoil we face. There are few things in life I admit defeat in, sadly, driving is one of them. I have a licence, but quite wisely choose not to use it, simply because I am a danger to anything and everything!! One day, I will face my fear and join the fleet of women who, like Fi's Mum convienently line up large plastic plant pots on the driveway and back up into them on a regular basis, each day pretending that 'bumping' into them is a mere accident?! Boys, beware, don't look upon this as an act of stupidity, respect our feminine intelect, look at it more as a pre meditated act of survival and preservation. Preservation of the buildings whos foundations could be rocked daily and preservation of the precious bumpers on the family mobile!! These plant pots are not just an added crumple zone, they are a saviour. So fellas, when you're sat on your hind chilling out, doing nothing, and you hear the crunch, take heed, put the kettle on and thank the lord for £3.99 plastic plant pot...this crunch chaps is a sign....Your wife is home!!

Heather not only taught me the plant pot trick, but she gave me the most amusing an insight into the goings on, on a week night in a small village hall! Yes, I got roped into an hours worth of Scottish Country dancing I rocked up in my flipflops, expecting a wee celidh band and some sexy men in kilts. What I was welcomed with was the intire population of the Ruyton XI Town, womens over 40's Wednesday dance class, performed not to a band but a carefully selected set of Scottish tapes and crackly cassette player!! What a riot!
One would presume that after living in Scotland for 5 years and being on average 20 years younger than anyone in the building, I would be a pretty proficient Scottish dancer. Codswallop to that! I was danced around all night. I didn't have a clue what I was meant to be doing! The last time I unleashed in a celidh I got my toes broken, so really, learning a reel of three and being able to walk at the end of the night was a mission complete! After the dancing we ventured into the local, I was handed a microwave heated glass of red n plonked myself infront of the fire with Fi, Jill, the Griffiths parents and the local knome!! Doesn't get much more ramdon than that!!

Thank the lord for bikes!! The next day Fi, Jilly-bean and I went for a blast on the local hill behind the village. Fi and I ripped it up, while Jill took photos. We rode until our tummies growled, then headed back for a scrummy cheese and tom toastie.

Today, we frequented the go kart track and skidded sideways, mates rates (for longer that we probably should have) laughing our heads off, desperatly trying to avoid crashing into eachother!

The plans for the team are coming on a treat. Next season is going to rock!
Over n out for now...some of us have to get out beauty sleep...


The Tipping point:
Front wheel on the start line,
Toes on the shore line,
Whatever, hold your breath.
For that moment, everything stops.
There is no sound, or movement.
All your stress and Bullshit disappears.
The focus takes it away and replaces it with the right now,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well then, firstly, welcome to my bog/blog, wooops, typo! It will soon be part of my new site which has been buisily set up by Fionn and Jilly-bean. You will be able to catch the ongoings of my racing by logging on to www.jaymiemart.com. Where would we be without your friends hu? The two jumping beans have been busy at work sorting out not just ma shizzel for next season but the shizzel for our new team. Its all top secret at the mo, if I told you, I'd have to fill you with babanna milk shake until you burst....so you'll just have to watch this space!

I am currently at the Griffiths mason helping out with stuff for next season. The plan for the next few days for Jill and I is to try and pretent we are D.I.Y queens. We are lining our team van with ply wood. Basically, we will be holding up sheets 10x4 for eeeeons while Fi drills and rivetts them to the walls of the van (a.k.a Tommy, the new Griffiths Racing fun bus). In reality, I'll be sipping wine, Jill will be providing the moral support and Fi will be working her ass off!!

In between all of that, we will all be embarking on a bit of straight line riding, with the occasional detour around the potholes of Wales in my fav get up, full lycra skins...mmm. We will frequent the go kart track for some sideways action at some point, still of course in fav get up....

I'll load up action shots as soon as they come in...because I can!! Oooo la la!

A big shout to Fi and Jill for taking the initiative to set this all up, as I am a complete ditz when it comes to anything to do with keyboards, mother boards, black boards, score boards, floor boards, running boards, skirting boards and sandwich boards....

Byseeee bye.
Jme x

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jaymie is pleased to announce her new 2007 sponsor - GRIFFITHS RACING

After an incredible 2006 season - going undefeated in the Scottish Series and achieving her best ever World Cup result - Jaymie will be looking to reach greater heights through a partnership with Griffiths Racing. Working along side team founder and long time friend Fionn Griffiths, Jaymie will be contending the European World Cup DH, World Championships, Lisbon Downtown as well as select UK/Scottish Series races.

The newly established Griffiths Racing team has already recieved great response within the mountain bike industry. Signing Jaymie to the team was just icing on the cake! "Jaymie is not only an incredible athlete, she is also the type of person that people want to be around", notes Fionn. "Whether on or off her bike Jaymie is always smiling and reminds us all of what this sport is really about...having a laugh and pushing our personal limits."

Keep an eye on this site and FionnGriffiths.com for updates on the official team sponsors.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to JaymieMart.com

The full site should be up shortly. Thanks for your patience!