Jaymie Mart - BARBADOS NATIONAL DOWNHILL TEAM - one of the most colourful and well loved athletes on the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup tour today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year one and all. 2011 is going to be big, I can just feel it.The year for me starts with a whole new outlook and goal. I have set up my own company Athleat Nutrition - Performance Nutrition Solutions which will enable me to bring you and sports people like you up to speed with sports nutrition and help you reach your goals.
The messages surrounding nutrition in general can be plentiful and confusing. Athleat Nutrition excels in combining scientific research and the functionality of nutrition in a credible manner, using a passionate experience of nutrition and sport to deliver practical nutrition solutions for you. All of the Athleat Nutrition solutions are based on a 'back to basics' approach which will enable you to build strong foundations on which sports and performance nutrition can be built.

I already have some excellent sports people, athletes and corporate clients to work with, some of who have provided accounts detailing the impact of my work on their performance - check out the Athleat Nutrition packages page and testimonials page of the Athleat Nutrition site and read on.

If you are preparing for an event or competition and would like to learn how to fuel properly, or if you know someone who could do with nutritional support, please drop me a line:

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