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Friday, December 22, 2006

While Santa is guzzling the last of the buckie and his elf's are waxing down runners on his sled with Mr Zoggs sex wax, surf wax in prep for the biggest pressie drop of the year...I hope y'all are heading home loaded up with fun and in good spirits for the festive period. I'm a sucker for Christmas. Its the best time, a time to spend having fun with the family and unleash with all the people that have seen you grow up, throw up, trip up and jump up, still smiling and laughing out loud!!

I migrate home to the lakes for Christmas. On Christmas eve, my mum and I collaborate in the kitchen and run off a few million mince pies to cater for the regular village visitors. Naturally, at some pont, the rum comes out, the calypso gets turned up and the hips get a little work out!! Later on,my brother and I usually go for a sly one in town and stumble back, sometimes via the church for mid night mass.....we're good eggs like that. Last time I ventured into Church in that state, I spilt candle wax all over myself and had to leave to find a bathroom!

Christmas day is spent at family friends and has been for nearly 20 years on and off! Its MAGIC. Dot and Cliff make the best food in the world!! We break after lunch to let out tummies settle and Mum gets the whistles out! She has this game, 8 whistles, 8 people and one conductor. Each whistle has a different pitch (all together, the whistles make an octave!). My brother, the music maestro takes a hold of us whistle blowing nutters and conducts the debauchery. If we are lucky, we can bust a fine Christmas tune, if not, well, it just sounds like a bunch of fully growns making a horrendous messy noise! On boxing Day I usually play in an annual hockey match between two villages before heading into town to celebrate one of my best friends Birthdays. Unfortunatly, I learned today that the match this year as been cancelled! BOOO HOOO!

I'll post some photos up when I can! In the mean time. Thanks to everyone who have been there for me this year. I am so lucky to have such a wicked family, so many awesome friends, the coolest boyfriend and the most amazing sponsors. I just wish you could all be a little closer!!
Love and lots of it. 2007 is gonna ROCK!! BRING IT ON!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lost in transit...don'tcha just love British public transport? NOT!

13.26 at Glasgow Central train station. Remembering that Taras mobile was out of action, I stood on my toes wondering how I was going to spot the wee Mexican in a swarm of pale Glaswegians buzzing towards the bustling city in a last ditch attempt to squander their hard earned on Christmas tat...when it dawned on me that Tara would actually stick out like a sore thumb! I scoured over to the right, no sign...so glanced over to my left only to see Tara, less than a meter away, camera in hand snapping away at the timing board! BINGO! Good job!

First stop, was the bar for a log luncheon and catch up....4 large glasses of wine later (3 of them too many!!) and we were in full swing! We ventured out into down town Glasgow, browsed a few shops, took a few photos, met my friend Hema and dashed back up to the flat with a little help from Glasgows famous clockwork orange tube network. MIND THE GAP!

At home we had a girlie night in with a Thai green curry medally and yet more wine! The next day we woke up to glorious sunshine and a bad head! We packed up and jumped on the train to Edinburgh for a day of tourist sizzle in Scotlands capital. I figured the best way to see as much as possible was by a sight seeing bus tour! They are brill, you can hop on and off when you like and your ticket is valid for 24 hours...highly recommended! We seemed to hop off more than we hopped on, but we got round! We hung out in the German market, did a wee bit of shopping and jumped on a bus to Innerleithen for a night with Emma, Tracy and the crew! Emma whipped up another magic spread of curry dishes which were swilled down with beer and wine. Teenie provided most of the entertainment for the evening and had us all in stitches!

Yesterday we convened at the hub. The Tweed valley is a funny wee spot, it seems to have its own micro climate, when the whole of Scotland is on a flood warning, it can easily be glorious sunshine over the forest! Yesterday was cold there tho. Tara raged war against the cold and layered up to the max!! It was glorious tho, blazing sunshine, the views and weather were magic! We rode in a bitch train laughing all the way round. The pace was pretty quick, I rode out of my comfort zone in a few places on the way up, which is good. An ace days riding, even though all the girls are friends, I feel privileged to be able to ride with such experienced talented riders. I find myself watching there style and lines and experimenting with my own riding...its ace!

Tara headed back to Manchester last night......This morning I woke up to an answering machine messege from Hels Motimer telling me that Taras train had been cancelled and she was lost in Cumbria somewhere...without a mobile. Nightmare! Anyway, if you see a wee Mexican, big smiles and spiky hair answering to the name of Tara....please wrap her up and post her back...

Monday, December 11, 2006

The last week has flown by! I've been a busy bumble bee...still on the search for the infamous 'propa job!!' I have an interview next week for a really cool job, so, alongside preparing a mulititude of different CV's, I'm doing my research to 'wow' the interviewers!! Wish me luck!!

So, the weekend started early for me with a meal out in my fav Spanish Restaurant, Cafe Andaluz (Glasgow) with Greg and his parents. We ate and drank until we nearly popped! Gregs Ma and I chit chatted all night, poor Greg and his Pa struggled to get a word in!! 2 women and a bottle of wine...mmm, I can see why!!

On Saturday, Evil G, Greg and I met up with my fav crew from the Hub, Emma, Tracy, Mel, Carla, Dick, Ben Cathro, Tracy Mosley and her friend James for a spin on the red route. The day couldn't have been more perfect, we had sunshine all the way around, the trails were great, we rode this new seaction called the magic carpet which was wicked fun. Everything was polished off with a jam in the jump park and a slab of millionaires shortbread! Big smiles!

Greg and I were going to hit the motoX track yesterday, but, he was full of cold and the weather was terrible, so we slumped in bed, did some chores, hit Starbucks and then thrashed it out in the bowling alley. For the first time ever, I LOST, not one game, but all three. Greg, of late has been spending his time perched on the end of his pew, remote in hand, finger on the 'frame-by-frame' button studying the spin bowl actions of none other than 'Jesus' from the Big Lebowski, he has this CRAZY spin-bowl shot off to a T. I DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE. I'm still drying my eyes!! What is more worrying, is that yesterday, there was a whisper of him investing in not only a ball, but a pair of shoes. I have the fear. It won't be long before he grows his hair, invests in a one piece purple skin suit and hair net. I have searched the net, and there is no help. Nothing comes up when you type 'what happens when your boyfriend takes the first steps to morphing into Jesus?' into google....eeeeeeeek!

Anyway, Tara just flew into the UK today, she'll be hanging here for a week or so....The plan was to hit Amsterdam, but that doesn't look like it'll happen.....hopefully, she'll come up to Scotland for a few days n sample some of the Scottish delights, Whiskey, Edinburgh, Hairy cooows, Glasgow, the Highlands, Glentress and the millionaires shortbread!!!! Mmmm...thats a good enough reason for anyone to venture north!!

Okay, fix up look sharp. Marty Mart. XX

Friday, December 01, 2006

Graduation day!!

That's it, can you believe it? I have offically been spat out into the big wild world!! After 5 years of parties, surf, mountain biking, drinking, more parties, the occasional academic venture. I don't know how I managed, but I havemore letters after my name than I know what to do with!!
No more study for me, no more exams, lie-ins or truenting to watch neighbours! I'm done!! Graduation was ace, my Mum and one of our families dearest family friends came up for the day!
We all got glammed up...sexy lace hold ups and all! The ceremony was wicked, we sang along to the organ in latin, got wacked on the head by the Dean with a crazy purple velvet hat, handed a red tube, and processed out of the grand hall to the fine tune of the Scottish bag pipes....all whilst dressed as extras for a Harry Potter movie!!

I'm just kicking back, absorbing the calm before the storm. We've got our entire class homing in on our flat tonight for a 'civilised post graduate gathering'!! We'll see!!

Later potata!

Jaymie Mart. BSc (Hons) MSc (Med Sci) Human Nutritionist. Sports Specialist (ANutr)!!

Bring on the party!