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Monday, March 30, 2009

Trek Global Team.

Waugh-head, BB and I landed in sunny Portugal a few Saturday mornings back. Waugh had his camera, B had his marketing hand shake and I was fully loaded with Lucozade Sport and a bunch of presentations notes for the team!

Trains, planes and automobiles are never easy hu! Whilst sat in the departure gate at Edinburgh, I managed to miss my first flight, but thanks to EASY jet, it was EASY to get on the next one, it just came at a slither of notes to the sum of £35, I tried to get it waivered, but the sympathy vote by passed my disorganised wimper....after nearly missing my second flight I/we made it to Porto, Portugal, and were met by a dotty wee Portugese man who took us to our rental car which was about 2 miles from the airport. This was no Hertz kiosk rental, this was a full scale local deal!
Now the rental, probably the highlight of the weekend and a slight bone of contention, it was black, shaped like a box and pretty shit......it made sense for it to temporarily adopt the more than apt nick name of SHITBOX!! It was probably the biggest hunk of junk imaginable and for sure the worst rental I hav ever had....it was functional and we can't take that from it, it got us there, but nearly didn't get us back! No surprises to hear I almost missed ny return flight!!
The team look excellent, all of the guys are happy campers and their year ahead is just as exiting as it was ever going to be when the team was all of an idea back in June! I have no doubt they will reach new levels and bring home the medals.

For everything else there will always be a SHITBOX if you look hard enough! Yowch. X

The winter.....

So, I have been pretty slack on the ole BLOGGING (god that word is so cringe worthy, for some reason it sends shivers down my spine, to me, it epitomises that geeky computer beaver who spends every last person writing their life down for the world to read...but to be fair, who is actually reading about a life on the keyboard???......this blog, an average of 10 people/day, so I can rest assured I'm not wasting my time....)

So, what's been happening this winter......XC rides, mega windy kite flying sessions, some brief encounters with the swimming pool, miles to many moments that have landed slap on my hips..... and TWO DH races! Yea, the wheels of steel got slung into motion!! The Scottish Winter season races were hosted right here in the Innerleithen ghetto, about a nanosecond from my front door! The courses were true, natural, tight, rocky, rooty Inners through and through!!

Wayne from Trek made the journey to support the crew (Mosley, Buckle and lil old me). It is such a luxury having race support at a regional race! Cheers Wayne.

The first race was Buckles FIRST DH race! He was a champ....he had the best time and just went hell for leather all weekend! I think...or at least I hope he has got the bug, he was as pleased as punch...and doesn't' that smile just say it all?!! We had a wee bet running, lets just say, he still has a bit of catching up to do!! ;)
So, that's the racing......the riding has been COLD!! I have been riding out with a great friend, former GB junior world class rider and village idiot EC! EC is just a treat to hang out with, he is just fresh as a daisy and funny as!! Elliot has shown me some of the secret local trails in and around the village. So far, they are all pretty taxing, but a heap of fun, super long climbs followed by super steep, natural and pretty fresh trails, rockie/pumpie and some more on the Inner DH side of the village. Friday rides RULE! If you are in the village on a friday, be sure to see us dipping in and out crazy un marked trails.

That's y'all up to speed......I'll leave you with a pic of EC in the stone circle about 1/4 a mile from my hoooose. Thank goodness it's not the sabbeth...double birdie commin atcha!!

Which moose let the juice loose about this hoooose?! XX

The DIRT on Caffeine!

Most of you will are already avid DIRT readers, for those who arent, there is a cool wee article on caffeine in issue no. 85 which I put together.

Go get it, have a read, have a think, question what your stratergy is, how you can make it better and then give it a whirl in practice, play around with it and make it work for YOU.

Because every second counts....... XX