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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dirty Thirties

So I made it to 30! I was astounded by one of my friends comments on facebook on my birthday - she actually wrote 'You made it, I had money on you never being an old fart'. I guess when my van rolled over this year - I used up another life, but I doubt that I've used my allocation quite yet ...so onwards and upwards - I'll keep walking close to the edge in my 30's and I hope that the adventurers continue to be wild and wonderful.....

So, for my 30th - I was in the US. I set off the week before to Phoenix A.Z. to do a Performance Nutrition course at Athlete Performance - one of the most advanced performance centres for athletes in the US. Plugging in to their matrix was pretty interesting.

I stayed with Buhly and lived it up after work - we pushed the boat out and burned the candle. Buhl was thick into her mid terms and as I was working, the days were busy - but the nights were busier - we caught up with her family and some of our friends out there, we hit the massage place, did a hot yoga class and ate and drank fine wines and grub.

After the course - I hopped onto a plane to see Damion and Neven in Colorado.

I just L.O.V.E Colorado, to me, it's a place I associate with GOOD TIMES.

Damion planned the coolest trip for us and whisked me away. We went out to the Rockies in a stinky big truck. We had 2 sweet Yeti Bikes, a box of beers and a loose plan of action. We soaked up the scenery of the American way of living in the country. We hit up an old mining town - which was just as you'd imagine in the movies - old school and still functioning. We also tried to stay at a natural hot springs hotel - but forgot to book and it was shut when we got there. BOO.

Riding out there was frikkin HARD. I'm pretty fit right now, but the altitude really troubled my breathing, with it being over a mile high, the partial pressure of O2 is reduced which means that there is less 02 available to breath.

For people who are acclimatised to altitude, exercise capacity is not compromised, but for me - to be blunt was like paddling up a river in a flood - I was 'effed'.

Anyway, Damion took me to part of the Colorado trail to ride - we took the truck off road to get the start and off we went, it was beautiful - when I came to terms with my puffing and panting, turned out to be an immensely awesome trail - what more can you say to an amazing trail, an amazing trip, and amazing friends ..... hell yea!

So that's it - I'll leave you with a photo from my new camera of the autumn leaves on the Colorado aspen trees ......

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